Best AED machine (2020)

New technology: AED machine is developed in such a way that it will tell when you are unconscious, how many times you have to press the chest to bring it to your senses

Now the AED  machine will tell how many more times a person has to press his chest to bring the insulted person to consciousness. This machine is installed and provided in all the ambulances of the civil hospital. Training is being made mandatory and given to all the EMT and nursing staff of the hospital regarding this AED machine. A team from a Jaipur company reached the hospital on Tuesday to impart this training.

During this time, the team told the hospital staff that they had to use this machine. Before that, the facility of AED machine used to be in ALS machine only. But now this AED machine has also been Installed and provided in the new ambulance. With this, now this facility is also available in all ambulances.

This is how the AED machine will work

If a person becomes insensitive or becomes unconscious, then his chest is pressed 30 times in a five-bar step and then he is breathed through his mouth. Even after that, if that person does not get conscious then only this AED machine will tell how many times more chest has to be pressed, so that the person’s heart will start working again.

The machine has been used

EMT Sushil said that this machine has been used before. Two days ago a person resident of Millgate became insensitive, then that person’s chest was pressed and used according to this machine. After that he was rushed towards hospital.

Regarding this AED machine, the team of Jaipur company informed the EMT that when inadvertent, this machine will tell itself how long to keep on pressing the heart.

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