BEST TIPS TO GET RID OF DARK CIRCLE | What causes dark circles under the eyes


The reason behind having dark circles or blackheads under the eyes is due to long-improper diet, long working hours on the computer or mobiles, dryness of the skin, excessive crying, lack of sleep, physical or mental stress, aging. We do not do anything in the dark circle, but it takes a long time to remove it several times and it affects both men and women.

The dark circles lying around the eyes are called dark circles. They affect men and women of every age for many reasons. The remedy for dark circles under the eyes can also be treated by medicines but there are natural remedies for which you can sit at home. women.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

The dark circles that are blue and are more visible after rising in the morning, are caused by the thin skin of the eyes, where the arteries of blood appear more than the other parts. As our age increases, the capacity of our skin regeneration goes down and becomes thinner. As a result, black spots taken in blue color become darker.

The skin of other parts of the body is about 2 millimeters thick, but the skin under the eyes is only 0.5 millimeters thick. Because of this, whatever you do all day, whether to work in the office for a long time, without sunglasses or sleeping in the night, your eyes are most affected.


If you are complaining about the Dark Circles that are not going for a long time, then take a look at the time spent on your television and computer. Sitting in front of a more screen time screen affects the eyes and this effect appears as a dark circle. In its treatment, you can cut the time of sitting in front of the screen. If this is not possible, then work on the screen taking sufficient intervals. Bara Rabar eyes spray water. Before sleeping, take a light massage around the eyes with a moisturizer.

 1. Get good sleep 

Avoiding good sleep usually causes a big reason for dark circles. Stressful life, lack of relaxation and fatigue are the main factors of black circles in individuals of all ages. Due to the pressure of work, physical and mental fatigue also causes dark circles, the dark circle measurements first complete your sleep.

2. Save skin from sunlight

Whenever you get out of sunscreen, harmful ultraviolet rays attack your skin. As you know that the skin around the eyes is quite delicate, so the chances of dark circles increase with melanin born under this process.

3.Good quality make-up 

If your skin is sensitive then the dark circles can be created even if you do not use the make-up products properly. Before using a product near your eyes, use a patch test, and just pick a product that can bear your skin. Remove your makeup by remembering before sleeping.

Makeup is also an important role in the action of dark circles under the eyes, if the makeup stays for long periods of time, then it also causes the cause of the dark circle. Makeup is also an important role in the action of dark circles under the eyes, if the makeup stays for long periods of time, then it also causes the cause of the dark circles

4. Treat the diseases

The problems associated with anemia and kidney can also have dark circles under the eyes. If you have any such problem then contact your doctor immediately to get treatment for this disease. After a prolonged illness, it is natural to have dark circles under the eyes, but with proper care, they are cured soon.

5. Change your lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can keep your body healthy. Eating excessive smoking or alcohol causes dark circles around the eyes, so stay away from them. Make a healthy diet and start regular exercise.

6. Check eyes for problems

If you have any problems with your eyes but you do not use glasses or lenses for it, then this may also be a reason for having a black spot under the eyes. Those who do not use eyeglasses despite problems with eyes, they put a lot of emphasis on their eyes to look clearly. This stress and stress create dark circles under your eyes. So if you think there is a problem in your eyes, then you should check them today.

7. Do not let the body lack water 

Due to a lack of water in the body, there is a danger of dark circles being produced under the eyes. Dehydration creates tension in the body and makes the skin curl, due to which the delicate skin of the eyes is most affected, and dark spots are exposed. So do not forget to drink plenty of water at regular intervals so that your body and skin never feel the lack of water.

Domestic remedy to remove dark circles under the eyes

1. Mix turmeric powder in pineapple juice and make a paste and apply it under the eyes.

Apply some mint leaves and apply them under the eyes. Massage two months before sleeping almond acrylic.

2. Put 10-15 minutes in a teaspoon freezer and then put it under the eyes.

3. Cut the cucumber and place the slices on your eyes. Mix cucumber juice with an equal quantity of lemon juice and apply it on black circles. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash with plain water. Take this measure for a week or ten days.

4. USE RAW POTATO JUICE: Remove 1 small raw potato juice. Dip the cotton wool in juice and put it on black circles. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

5.USAGE OF ROSE WATER: Dip the 2 small shells of cotton into rose water and put it on your closed eyes. follow this twice a week.

6. USE ALMOND OIL: Add 1 teaspoon almond paste and some milk. Apply this paste to the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash with cold water. Before bedtime, put some almond oil on black circles and wash with cold water the next morning.

7. USE LEMON AND EGG: Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and apply it to the surroundings. Put on dry for a second time and leave for a while. Wash with a clean towel and wash it with plain water. Mix Corn Flour and Yogurt Massage this paste around the eyes. Place a cold tea bag around the eyes and leave it for 10 minutes. Do it every day.


  • Mix almond oil and honey and apply it under the eyes.
  • Mix lemon juice with tomato and apply it around the eyes.
  • Mix castor oil and milk and put them around the eyes.
  • Take some fresh rose petals and make them paste. Mix milk with this around the eyes.

Avoid Dark Circles (Tips to reduce dark circles)

Sleep every day in the right proof. Insomnia can have dark circles. Allergy can actually change the color of the face. Having skin hyperactivity can make your skin darker. Identify the causes of allergies and keep them away.

It is necessary to eat normal balanced food. Sinus usually darkens the color of the skin by changing the color of the blood vessels. With adequate rest, removing the causes of stress and anxiety can reduce black circles.

Why are dark circles under eyes? (Reasons for under eye dark circles)

  • There is a great reason for having dark circles under the proper night’s sleep deficiency.
  • Melanin is formed in the skin by the sun’s rays, which make up only dark circles under the eyes.
  • It is necessary to remove eye makeup if you do not need it.
  • Drinking excessive smoking and alcohol creates dark circles around your eyes.
  • Some diseases, such as anemia and kidney diseases, have dark circles under the eyes.
  • There may be dark circles due to lack of sufficient amount of water in the body.