Book online to get a new LPG gas connection

Book online to get a new LPG gas connection: Everyone thought that getting a new LG connection would be a difficult task. Everyone thinks they should go to the nearest LPG dealership, stand in a queue, and submit all the necessary documents, pay the money, and then follow up until they make the connection.

But now it is very easy to get a new connection in terms of the three major LC suppliers. The digital system has now simplified getting a new LG connection.

Bharat Gas, Indane Gas, and HP Gas have now made their service available online and with the launch of the App, users can apply for a new LPG gas connection online. Booking, Refill, and any other gas-related service is allowed in this Op.

If you too want to get a new LG connection, don’t go to the local dealer and wait for hours. Apply online and the gas will reach your home. Are you asking how? Follow the steps below.

These steps are very easy and all users can go to the online portal of specific LG suppliers and get information.

Steps to obtain a new connection:

  1. Open Online Portal of Specified LPG Suppliers HP Gas: 
  2. Click here:
  3. Use the Search option Here you can find out who the nearest distributor is, and enter the name of the distributor if you already know it.
  4. Now select the distributor in the list (select the nearest one) and fill out the application for details of personal details, address, subsidy cash transfer section, cylinder type, and cylinder capacity. NOTE: Forms may be different in terms of suppliers.
  5. In the previous step, select the POI (Proof of Identity) proof and the POF (Proof of Address) address.
  6. Upload both documents together with the passport size photo. 
  7. Check the Terms of Agreement and click the Submit button. 
  8. Then it will take you to the payment page. There you have net banking, credit, and debit card options for online payments. There is also a Cash on Delivery option.
  9. 8. Once completed, you will be given a reference number to check the booking status and delivery date of the cylinder. Keep that number up and you can use it for status follow up until your connection is available.