Do this for Gmail users to choose a dark theme!

Do this for Gmail users to choose a dark theme! : Nowadays, Dark Mode is now available to Gmail users as it is everyone’s choice. Gmail is one of the few apps that doesn’t automatically get a dark theme. However, the latest Android 10 and iOS 13 system-wide dark theme allows you to apply. This has finally changed now, as Google brings out the dark-mode setting for the app on Android 10 and iOS 13.

If you are updating Android 10 to activate the dark theme, go to the Gmail app on your phone, tap on the hamburger menu on the top left, and open the settings. Then tap General Settings> Theme> Dark. Similarly in Pixel, when Battery Saver is enabled, Gmail automatically defaults to a dark theme. Or, you can go to Gmail Settings> Theme and choose Dark.

To enable a dark theme in Gmail on iOS 11 or 12, open the settings on the phone. Then enable the dark theme by going to the dark theme. Similarly to activate the dark theme on iOS 13, you can set your device to go to the dark setting of the iOS setting. You can then go to Gmail’s settings and tap on the theme there and choose Dark. This is the easiest task on iOS.

The demand for the dark theme has increased in the last year. Popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have embraced the theme long before Apple and Google. The dark theme is the most well-known and obvious benefit, it reduces stress on the eyes. Know that a dark theme can help save battery if your phone is running with an OLED or AMOLED screen.

If it’s Gmail, Google rolled out a dark theme for the Play Store app earlier this month for devices running Android 9 Pie. Google says users must have Play Store version 16.18.17 and higher to accept the Dark Theme feature. If you have not received this update, wait for the new update to arrive in the next few weeks.