Do you know about these amazing features on google map?

Do you know about these amazing features on google map? : No need to ask anyone right now about the route to the new location. Why google map works best as a guide. The current Google Maps app tells users the simplest way to get what they need. There are also some special features on Google Maps that make it easier for users to travel.

Yes, Google Maps has recently added some new features for users, making it possible to find information about the many middle-of-the-road features. All features of the hotel, hospital, toilet, tourist attractions, etc are available on the way to a particular destination and users are already using these features. There are many more special features available on the map. So let’s learn more about those features.

Incognito mode

Google Maps has many essential features, including Incognito mode. This feature will be used to hide your location by other map users. Follow these steps to activate this feature. Turn on Google Map App> Profile Icon> Incognito Mode. You can also turn this feature off.

Offline map

Users can use the offline map option when the smartphone’s battery backup is low, or in other cases. Follow these steps for that. Google Map> Address> Right Menu> Download Offline Map> Tap Download.

Trip plan facility

Check on Google Maps how much space you want to reach from a destination and the journey time when you travel. But your journey will take longer than that. Why do you stop between the aisles? Thus there is a trip option on Google Map where you can enter your stop locations. Then Google Maps tells you the exact horizontal to reach the specified location.

* Open Google Map 

* Enter First Destination from where you left off (Hotel, Petrol Bunk, Other) 

* Tap Direction, then press Menu option 

* Then select Ad Stop option, enter a location.

Parking information

Car parking in metro cities is a headache. For that, you have the option of determining the availability of car parking on Google Maps. Do this to find parking information on Google Maps. Next to Google Map> Destination> Estimated Time, there will be a P-code: Tap P> P for parking will be red, meaning parking will be available in the same blue as Parking Limited. > Find parking> Parking space will be listed.

Location information

There is a plan to visit some new place or hotel. Check on the net before heading there. View location/hotel photos but see fewer street/street photos. View street photos of the place/hotel on Google Map. Do that for yourself. Google Map> Search for Location (Hotel)> At the bottom is a photo box> Photos appear when taped> Photos are zoomed in.