Do you know how to block Notification on your Android phone ?

Do you know how to block Notification on your Android phone: Whatever mobile apps you bring, they will get you a notification. It may be Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever. 

Whatever activity you do on these accounts, whatever other activity you mention, all the details come to your phone. 

Even though this type of notification feature is useful, it can get annoying every day even when your activity is exhausted.

Android has long allowed you to handle such a problem. Most apps have their own settings, allowing you to tweak or customize what you are told. 

However, only the update after Android 9.0 Pie has brought a new system to handle notifications. A change has been made to allow customers to identify different categories of notifications for each app.

If you are using OS 9.0 Pie OS then it is easy to prevent the notification from coming. You can click Settings on your Android phone. 

Then, in the Opening options, select Apps and Notification and click on it. Then click on Apps and Notification at the bottom of the page that opens the Notification option. Clicking on it will tell you which apps you want to keep.

This is how you can do this without having to make notifications directly in ops. For example, Facebook notification on everything like birthday, event, tagged post, new friend request, and so on. 

When we comment on someone else’s post we get a notification about the next comments. There is no notification like this, there is also the Turn Off Notification option. You also have the option to easily stop it in the App.

Click Birthdays if you want to have a notification on your Facebook. There is an option called Allow notifications on Facebook. Disable if it is enabled. 

If you enable the option which is disabled, there is Push, Email, SMS option. You can even choose one of these. If the notification is muted, it should suffice.