Do you know how to control PC from Google Assistant?

Do you know how to control PC from Google Assistant? : Its own Voice Assistant Cortana is available for Windows 10 users. But most users prefer to use Google Assistant Anne. Tens of features, Google Assistant is popular with most people because of its responsiveness in any environment. But it is true that there is no Google Assistant on any other desktop computer except Chromebook. You don’t have to be disappointed, though.

We have been detailing how you can control your PC with Google Assistant. Here’s how to control your PC with any of your Android smartphones, Google Home, Mini and Nest Hub. Then why not … Learn How to Control Your PC With Google Assistant.

For this you need an Android phone

We’re going to use an Android smartphone to control the Windows 10 PC. For this, install Pushbullet and (IFTTT) IFTTT ops on the phone and Push2Run on PC.

Created by Rob Latour, the Push2Run App is completely free, making it ideal for automating tasks via voice commands. Next is the hierarchy of work we are going to do: Voice command via Google Assistant -> IFTTT -> Pushbullet -> Push2Run on PC -> Final execution of the task on PC. You may have got a brief idea of ​​what to do. So let’s get started.

1. First of all install the Pushbullet (free) and IFTTT (free) apps on your Android phone. Then login to your Google Account in both apps and set the permissions. Don’t forget to use the same Google Account on all apps and platforms. 

2. Then open the Pushbullet and IFTTT website on the PC and login with the same Google Account.

3. Now install and install the Push2Run app on PC. Like all of the initial work is over.

 4. Now click on this link link and open your Pushbullet Account page. Now scroll down and search for “Access Tokens”. Click on the “Create Access Token” button. Now you have some unique characters. Copy this token and don’t share it with anyone else.

5. Now open the Push2Run app on your PC and finish the initial settings. In the first dialog box, select “Pushbullet” from the left menu and look for “Enable Pushbullet”. Then paste the copied (step 4) token in the Pushbullet API box. Now copy what appears in the “Title Filter” box and click on the “Ok” button.

6. Now click on this link link for the IFTTT task. Now click on the “+” button and search for “Google Assistant”. Click on it and choose “Say a phrase with a text ingredient”.

7. Now on the next page, enter the voice commands that you use to connect your PC. Here I have selected the commands I need and you can do as you want. However, it is advisable that you continue with the commands of my choice so that there is no problem with learning at present. The “$” sign is a task you tell your computer. Click on the “Create Trigger” button at the end.

NOTE: If there are any error messages related to Google Assistant, open the IFTTT Settings page and click on the “Edit” button. Now install a new Google user from your account.

8. Now click on the sentence “then that” on the next page. Search for “Pushbullet” here and open it. Then click on “Push a Note”. Then paste the copied text (step 5) into the “Title” box. Click the “Create Action” button at the end. 

9. It’s almost like work here. Now you can check through “OK Google tell my computer to open the calculator”. Having said that, the calculator should be open without any problems. Similarly, if everything is correct, “Pushbullet connection is good” will appear in the bottom bar of the Push2Run app.

Installing Push2Run Tasks

After successfully installing Google Assistant on your PC, you need to install tasks that you want to do now via voice commands. For example- I’ll show you how to open on PC using Google Assistant.

1. Open the Push2Run app and click on “Actions” then “Add”.

 2. In the window that appears here you will need to define everything. You can fill in the details about the task here. For example – open gizbot, open, open gizbot website. In total, you can give the command as you want. You can then directly fill in the URL in the “Open” section. But let the URLs start with HTTP or www. Click OK.

3. Now toggle on the main window and summon Google Assistant in it. Now say “tell my computer to open gizbot” the website will open in the default browser. 

NOTE: When we tried to open some websites in Google Chrome, Push2Run or maybe something in Windows 10 didn’t work due to a bug. So after Microsoft made Edge the default browser, everything started working smoothly. You can change the default browser on your Windows by going to Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Web Browser.

If you want to find something else instead of a website, you can assign another task. You can add look for $, search for $ in the “listen for” command. Where $ denotes the content you are looking for. Similarly, paste it in the Authi eT section:$. Doing so will enable Google Search results. Now Google searches for whatever assistant tells it.

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