Do you know how to delete a tiktok account?

Do you know how to delete a tiktok account? : tiktok is the top of the list of social networking sites in the short term. This China-based tiktok App is a short video making app that is currently trending. With more than 600 million monthly active users, the number of new account creators in this app is not small. There are users who delete the tiktok account as well.

Yes, most users have an account in the Bytectans-owned tiktok Video Creation App. Most of them use video uploaded and uploaded, while others only use it for video viewing. According to a report, a user stays active on tiktok for approximately one hour daily. In this article we will explain how to delete an account in every enchanted tiktok. Read More.

Tiktok Account Deletion 

The process of creating a tiktok account is simple and the steps to delete an account are also very simple. For tiktok setting menu, you can easily delete the tiktok account. So how to delete the tiktok account in the next slides.

tiktok App is available on both Android phone and iPhone two OS. The company does not offer any other options for Android and iPhone to delete the tiktok account. Two OS users have to follow the same procedure for their tiktok account.

Do this to Delete tiktok Account 

* Open the tiktok app on your smart phone. 

* Then tap on the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the tiktok App. 

* Click on the three dot option after opening the profile. 

* Then click on Privacy and Setting option.

* Then select Manage My Account.

* Then press Delete Account option. 

* Two options appear. (Phone number or e-mail)

* Process the phone number or e-mail account and delete it.