Do you know how to get a WhatsApp backup when the phone is replaced?

WhatsApp has introduced many features to its users which include the most active users. Security features have been incorporated for personal information security. WhatsApp also provides backup access. But most users have a question about how to get a WhatsApp backup when switching to a smartphone.

Yes, Facebook-owned WhatsApp allows you to backup other files, including text chats, photos and videos. Users can also get a WhatsApp backup when they switch their smartphone.

If you’re using WhatsApp for a new smartphone, read on to learn how to transfer chats, photos and videos of your old WhatsApp from your old smartphone to your new phone.

Follow this step to transfer whatsapp data (on old phone) 

  • turn on whatsapp setting> chats> chat backup 
  • backup button. 
  • Enable Video Backup option if you want backup of videos.
  • Follow this step on the new smartphone. 
  • Enter your WhatsApp login using your phone number on the new smartphone. 
  • Then you get OTP for kernformation. 
  • Then press Restore-Restore button. WhatsApp data on old phone will be available on this new phone.

Backup through Google Drive

  • Tap the WhatsApp menu and go to Settings> Chats> Chat Backup.
  • Then, you can manually back up, or set up to back up regularly as you wish. When you reinstall WhatsApp, it asks you to recover your chats and multimedia from Google Drive.
  • Chats and contacts are immediately visible in the app, but the media begins to download in the background.

This is the method we use when we switch smartphones for reviews and testing.Popular WhatsApp has recently made it possible to use two WhatsApp accounts at once. Multi-device support is also provided. Thus users do not have to use third party apps such as parallel space and dual space.