Do you know how to recharge the geo number at the ATM ?

A nationwide lockdown has been announced until April 15 to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Mobile recharge stores are closed during this time, and most people recharge online. But those who do not use the online recharge facility can be a problem. Reliance Jio has added a new service to its customers.

Yes, Jio has introduced a new facility for recharging geo number from bank ATMs for the convenience of subscribers. This service will be useful to customers during lockdown. But please be aware that only a few select bank ATMs support this service.

Currently, SBI, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, AUF Bank, DCB Bank, Citibank, and Standard Chartered Bank are supporting Geo’s new recharge facility.

There is no official information on whether more banks will support the facility in the coming days. So how to recharge the Geo number using ATM card? Read on to find out what steps to take when recharging.

Follow this step when recharging the geo number from the bank ATM

* Insert debit card in ATM machine 

* Select recharge option 

* Enter geo number 

* Enter ATM pin 

* Select recharge amount 

* Press Enter to confirm the recharge. 

* Remember – this service is only supported by a select few ATMs.

The last step is the introduction of mobile recharge through ATMs by Geo Telecom Bank. However, this service is only available to certain selected bank ATMs. But customers need to go from home to the ATM center to get this service, so online recharge is a good idea. Currently, UPI / Digital Payment Apps, including Google Pay and Phone Pay, offer easy recharge options.