Do you know how to set up auto-reply message on WhatsApp?

how to set up auto-reply message on WhatsApp? : The world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp. Many of its new models have been identified as user-friendly. WhatsApp is already one of the most advanced high-end messaging apps, having introduced several convenient features.

The app is currently gaining popularity due to popular voice / video calling features, such as Kovid-19. There are lots of useful features that this messaging app can provide you with.

Yes, the popular messaging app WhatsApp is already testing self-destructing messaging features. Auto Replay features are currently available on WhatsApp Messaging App.

These features are still available in the WhatsApp Business app, but are not available in the standard messaging app. For this you need to use third party apps as there are no Auto Replay Messaging features in the app’s settings section. So read this article in Annodan’s How to Use the “Autoresponder for WA” app to set up auto replay messages on WhatsApp.

How to set up auto-replay messages in WhatsApp application?

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and download “Autoresponder for WA” app. Open it and tap on the plus icon, which is placed on the bottom left.

Step 2: You need to type in the WhatsApp message you receive most often, or the app wants to reply automatically. Simply put, the app automatically responds to messages you save in “AutoResponder for WA”.

Step 3: After typing it, you’ll see the “Auto Replay” option. It describes its own function. This means that you need to save the message you want to auto replay.

Step 4: You can set where the application should answer. You get three options, including individuals or groups and both. Once you have done all this, tapping the tick mark will be enough to set up an auto replay message.