Do you know how to share whatsapp status to facebook?

Do you know how to share WhatsApp status with Facebook? : WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, has recently introduced many great features for the convenience of its users. Added focus on user chat WhatsApp and added essential features. WhatsApp recently launched a new ‘Status Sharing’ feature that lets users share status to Facebook.

Yes, the option to keep status on WhatsApp is already available to users and only lasts 24 hours. The status sharing feature is the option to share this WhatsApp status to Facebook. Read on to learn how to share status on WhatsApp to Facebook.

Social sites

There is an option to keep status in the Facebook-owned WhatsApp messaging app. Status is available for sharing directly to the Facebook Story, which only shows the status for 24 hours. It also features a link between Facebook’s other social apps, Instagram and Messenger and WhatsApp.

Only 24 hours

WhatsApp application status is only 24 hours and then automatically deletes. The Stories feature is also available in the Facebook App, where users can keep status for 24 hours. This is why Facebook has now added the status of WhatsApp to Facebook.

Available on Android and iOS

WhatsApp’s status share option is available on the Android operating system and iPhone iOS. Thus, both Android and iPhone users can share WhatsApp status directly to Facebook.

Do this to share to WhatsApp Status Facebook

  • Open your WhatsApp 
  • Upload WhatsApp Status (Text, Video or Photo) 
  • Click on the three dots on the right side of WhatsApp status. 
  • Select Facebook in the share options that appear. 
  • Facebook will then ask for your permission to access it. Then tap on Open option. 
  • Then share status to Facebook Story.