Do you know how to turn on speedometer in google map ?

Do you know how to turn on speedometer in google map : Tech giant Google has introduced a number of essential and useful features. In today’s lifestyle, everyone receives Google’s help in one or more tasks. Google Map is one of the daily Google features. Google Map Navigation is leading the way on Courier Delivery, Food Delivery, Cab Drivers and Journeyers’ Phones.

Yes, Google Map works as a guide on everyone’s phone. Features like the Google Maps feature that make it easier for travelers. Another important feature of them is the ‘speedometer’. This feature shows how fast you are driving. Read on to learn how to turn the speedometer on Google Map.



Google Map has added many essential features to make it easier for travelers. The speedometer is given to the speed of the moving vehicle. If this option is enabled, the speed of the passenger vehicle will appear on Google Maps.

How to turn on the speedometer 

Follow the steps below to enable the speedometer option. 

* Open Google Map (Must have Google Map Update Version) 

* Press the three stripes menu button at the top left. 

* Then scroll down. Select the settings option. 

* After the Settings option opens, press the Navigation option there. 

* Then the Speedometer will be selected. Turn on this option.


Other New Google Map Features

The current year features many new Google Maps. Among them are public toilet information, options to mention on a Google map in case of a road accident.

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