Do you know how to unlock fingerprint on WhatsApp?

Do you know how to unlock fingerprint on WhatsApp: As you all know, Fingerprint Unlock is now the most popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp‘ which has the most users in the world. Fingerprint unlock has been facilitated on popular media WhatsApp as it has been repeatedly proven that public privacy is very difficult in this digital age. This is a problem faced by third party ops.

Yes, the fingerprint feature for unlocking a smartphone can be used to lock WhatsApp before. This allows users to lock WhatsApp messages without having to install third-party apps. This means that even if you give others a mobile, they can’t open your WhatsApp account and read any messages. The need for such a facility was very much needed by mobile handlers.

So how to activate the lock? If this is your problem, first go to the Google Play Store and check if the WhatsApp update. If not, please update. Then open your WhatsApp and follow these steps. When you open WhatsApp, click on the three dots to your right. Click on Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock and there will be three options open.

Click on Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock and use it immediately, after 1 minute and after 30 minutes. Clicking immediately will lock the WhatsApp as soon as you close it. It can also be set aside for a time. This feature is already available on the iPhone. Click Settings> Account> Privacy> Screen Lockv to enable Biometric Lock on the iPhone.

There is one thing to know. If you ask WhatsApp to get the full range of security from this fingerprint to unlock the facility, then yes. This is because information-intruders have also attacked WhatsApp, which is ours to end-to-end encryption security. Spying software The Pegasus attacked WhatsApp with the help of WhatsApp Video Call Receive.