Do you know how to use animated stickers on Whatsapp?

World’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has introduced many features to its users. New features have been introduced for the convenience of the user. WhatsApp recently introduced Contact Save Features in Dark Mode and QR Code on the Tan Web, and now introduces its Animated Sticker Pack features. These features are now available to all WhatsApp users globally.

Yes, as mentioned in the previous article, WhatsApp has introduced animated stickers for its Android and iOS users. WhatsApp already supports stickers in the app. Now also support animated stickers.

These animated stickers are now available as GIFs. Now these new animated stickers will be available on WhatsApp’s Android and iOS apps, so read on for what’s special about these features in this article.

These WhatsApp animated stickers will be available in sticker packs. Animated stickers can also be found in the collection of stickers already available on WhatsApp. To use these stickers on your WhatsApp you need to update your WhatsApp to the latest version from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Then, use the following steps to use animated stickers.

Step 1 Open the chat on WhatsApp and tap the emoji button. 

Step 2 Select the Stickers option and click the ++ icon. 

Step 3 Here, you will find a list of sticker packs available for download. 

Step: 4 Animated Stickers have a play button that makes it easy to identify.

Step 5: Tap the down arrow icon to download the 5 animated sticker packs. 

Step 6 Once you have downloaded it you will see it appear in the Sticker tab.

WhatsApp currently has a couple of animated sticker packs, such as Chummy Chum Chums, Rico Sweet Life, Playful Pioneers, Bright Days, and Moody Foodies. You can always delete these sticker packs on WhatsApp whenever you want.

Currently on WhatsApp, animated stickers play once you send them. If users scroll up and down the chat, animated stickers will play. It is said that unlike Telegram, animated stickers do not play in the loop on WhatsApp.