Edit the Google document without internet ..!

Edit the Google document without internet : Google Docs is one of the best word processors on the market. It’s free and good to use on a smartphone, and a good choice for many users. However, there is a feature that can be considered for both its positive and negative aspects.Google Docs requires an Internet connection to sync your data all the time. However, if your Internet is disconnected or you are using Google Docs from places that do not have a network, the situation is even worse.

If your Internet is disconnected while you are editing the document, the docs do not allow you to edit the document until you have access to the Internet again. Therefore, if you are worried about using Google Docs offline, there is no need to search anywhere. Here are many tips for you.


How to offline?

Google Docs also comes with offline mode for the convenience of users who need it, if you see how to use Google Docs offline without internet. It allows you to edit documents without an Internet connection. However, in order to use it, you need to perform some tasks before you connect to the Internet via WiFi or cellular data.

Follow these steps

1. Open Google Docs in your web browser. 

2. Click the Hamburger Menu button on the left-hand side. 

3. Go to Settings.

 4. Turn on the toggle button that says “Offline”. 

5. Google Docs take some time to set offline mode. Then, you can open the documents you want to edit. When there is no Internet, document files appear as thumbnails instead of as thumbnails.


Highlight only edit

In offline mode, you can edit only boldly highlighted documents. Hidden things may be “vivo only” or their data is not synced to your computer.


Other ways

You can click the Turn On option in the notification that appears after the Internet is disconnected. Next, click Turn on Offline Access. Offline mode is activated automatically after the Internet is reactivated.


Offline mode in docs, sheets, slides

You will notice that offline mode is enabled automatically in Google Sheets and Google Slides. Also, you can access documents on your Google Drive. You can follow the same steps in any of these apps to turn offline mode.

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