Fear of watching bad videos when YouTube opens ?

Fear of watching bad videos when YouTube opens : The Internet is a series of curiosities filled with all the things you don’t need. Another awe-inspiring world embedded within it is YouTube. The videos are based on thousands of topics on this YouTube.

In addition, some of the videos you may or may not like are embarrassing and embarrassing. This can sometimes lead to even bigger problems.

For example, you open the YouTube App to see something. Then, you will never find such videos on YouTube. You will find such videos, though. If this were a story, there would also be videos that others would not see at home.

The reason for this is that you watch more such videos. As such, some of these nasty videos may even appear and embarrass you.

If you too get into trouble or have such fear, quit worrying. Users can now have more control over their YouTube homepage and videos. The feature is already included in the settings of the YouTube App so you can personalize YouTube according to your needs.

Next you will be able to stop YouTube video recommendations that are not enough if you follow the steps mentioned above.


For this you need to open your 

1. YouTube App. Then scroll down to the recommended video you don’t want to watch. 

2. Then select the 3 dot menu next to the video. 

3. There, click the Do Not Recommend channel 

4. After that, you will see a popup that will not recommend videos from this channel again. 


Also, you have another way to stop unwanted video recommendations.

1. Open the YouTube App. Then, scroll down to the recommended video you don’t want to see.

2. Then, tap on the Video Recommendation option next to the 3 dot menu.

3. Then click on the uninterested option. A popup appears that the video has been removed. Click (Tell us why). I did not like the video ‘Select’ to avoid the problem.

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