Firefox fights for the future of the web

Why choose the browser you use? Perhaps that’s why pages load so quickly? Or it may be for the same reason that your device is made by the organization itself and that it is most compatible with you, or there are people who are using your device as preinstalled. Something that some people don’t know about the options in the browser?

In reality, most people use Google Chrome lately. Two-thirds use Google Chrome. But the browser does not specify how it collects user data and exploits the openness of the web. Only one agency always disputes about this. Discusses user safety. Are you asking for that? That’s Mazzella!

Nonprofit Foundation:

This is why the Firefox browser is still popular today. Being a non-profit foundation, it promotes openness, innovation, and participation on the Internet. Its development began in 2003. Mozilla was formed in 1998 and Web tools were developed by Netscape Communicator, another browser.

Oldest Company:

Communicator is the fourth browser of Netscape. In 1994, the first commercial web browser was introduced to the world. All of these key factors have made Mozilla the world’s oldest company.

Mozilla has seen many ups and downs:

Mozilla Firefox has seen a lot of ups and downs over the past several years. The two-faced stiff competition when they set out to gain a reputation as a famous browser. In the mid-90s, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer competed, but in the post-2000s, Google Chrome faced stiff competition. There is now a hopeful rise from Mozilla.

There is no fight for market share:

Mozilla is no longer fighting for its browser market share. Baker, Mozilla’s executive chair, says this fights for the future of the Web. The world’s most popular browser, Chrome, was made by Alphabet, the world’s fourth most valuable company, Google’s parent company. Safari, the world’s second most popular browser, has been built by Apple, the world’s second most important company. In third place is Firefox.

Mozilla Purpose:

Baker’s aim is to create an atmosphere on the Web that only Mozilla offers users a pleasant experience of the Web. Google’s goal is to increase user revenue through its advertising world. Apple’s goal is to make users buy Apple’s Android phone every year and keep customers from switching to Android phones. Baker says the Mozilla web browser’s purpose is different.

User Security:

Mozilla aims to provide users with greater security and protect their data from being leaked. Mozilla’s purpose is to make people feel safe on the web. It is now known that no other web browser is working and Mozilla is only working on the future of the web.