Forgot your Google Account?

Forgot your Google Account? : The smartphones we use have a link to a Google Account. Here is our email, as well as a map, calendar, photo, drive, Youtube link to all the apps. If you leave or forget to continue that account, all your data will remain there even if you die. Data is so valuable in this internet age that you need to be aware of this.

So, let me show you how to manage a Google Account that hides your data through the smartphone you use, not in today’s article. We don’t know what tomorrow will be in our lives. We cannot control what happens tomorrow. But Digital Life? If you can control it, read on to learn how to control our Google Account.

Open as a login to your Google Account. Then click Data and Personalization. Make a plan for your account option when you scroll down to it. Click the Start button. Here you will need to fill in some information to give your Google Account permission to delete data if your account has been inactive for several months.

After that, first select how many months in the option to be inactive for months. For that, enter the phone number, your email and the recovery email. If you have not used a Google Account for 3 or 6 months you will find the line here that your account will be considered inactive.

You can thus deactivate your account. Your account can inform inactive content of up to 10 people and give some people permission to access your information. Enter the email id of your trusted friend or family. If you allow Google to delete data on it when your Google Account is inactive, enable the option Yes, Delete my inactive Google Account.