Do you know how to add emergency information on the lock screen?

Smartphones have become an integral part of their daily lives. We’re not going to let it go. Smartphones can be very useful in some cases, but the boundary we put in them can be worthless things that can’t be helped in time. Why do you say so?

Yes, we put smartphones or passwords or screen locks on our phones because of our security. But they can leave others unable to contact you in the event of a car accident or any other emergency. But with a little precaution, the next person to help you in the event of an emergency will be able to contact you.

It is advisable to use security features so that sensitive information may not be visible to others from your phone. But don’t forget to save your contact in emergency contact on the lock screen. Yes, this means that in the event of an accident, your mobile will be able to easily contact the person who is helping you to see your mobile in case of any emergency.

Otherwise, it may be difficult to help him/her to unlock your phone lock. So don’t forget to save the emergency contact number and blood group on the lock screen. If you are wondering how to add this information to the lock screen, follow this article throughout.

How To Set Up Emergency Connection On Android Smart Phones

There are plenty of ways to add emergency contact information on Android smartphones but the most common way is to add information to the Emergency Information feature. See how it is.

  1. Open Settings Settings and then move on to Emergency Information. There may be an emergency section in the different settings panel of different versions of Android and it can be easily accessed by search option.
  2. Tap “Edit information” to add your medical information and it is possible to regionally feature this feature. Most Android users have the option of adding an emergency contact number and the configuration of emergency text messages.
  3. Once this information is configured, it can be accessed by anyone from the lock screen. Swipe on it or tap on the “Emergency Call” option.

Another way on Android:

This is a very easy way to add emergency information on Android smartphones. This is a lock screen message. Do you know how to do this?

  1. Go to Settings and tap on Security and Location.
  2. Click Screen Lock and tap Settings to access the Screen Lock Message. You can search the lock screen in the settings and navigate to the lock screen message.
  3. Write down what information you need to share on the lock screen. Emergency Contact Details, Blood Group, etc. All the details are written in this message and it is displayed in the Emergency Contact. Click on Save.

How To Set Up Emergency Contact On iPhone

  1. Open Health App on the iPhone and select the Medical ID tab.
  2. Now, select “Edit” at the top of the screen and make sure the “Show When Locked” option is enabled. In other words, make sure the spider is set in green.
  3. Now, fill in the different fields and add N / A or None instead of leaving any section unrelated. At the bottom of the page, you will see the Emergency Contact section option and tap on Emergency Contact to create a new entry.

Once inserted, the person with the emergency contact number will enter what you want and add more than one emergency contact number and repeat the steps above.

Once you have added this information to your smartphone, lock the device, and check that the information is displayed properly.

Adding contact numbers to the lock screen will not allow you to dial directly in the lock screen.

Nobody knows what happens when. Why can’t we imagine the situation after another hour tomorrow? Isn’t it mean to use this feature which is convenient for an emergency?