How to add multiple emails in one email

How to add multiple emails in one email: Gmail is gearing up for another big update before the end of 2019. Search giant Gmail is gearing up to release a feature that allows users to attach multiple emails in one email.

Previously users had to download email offline and attach it to send it to others. Gmail is now eliminating the download step and simplifying the sharing of email as an attachment.

“We have heard about the need to attach and send emails, rather than forwarding emails. You can make this task easier with the new feature being introduced now. Sending an email with an email attachment also allows you to write the associated acknowledgment. And a person who has received these types of attachment emails in a single email will be able to open their email directly, ”the G Suite blog post said.

There are two ways how users can attach multiple emails in the same mail.

First method :

Step 1: Create New Mail in Gmail Inbox 

Step 2: Select Multiple Emails by clicking on the box next to each image. 

Step 3: Drag and drop in the Email Compose box. 

Step 4: These emails are added in the same way as regular attachments.

Second Method :

Step 1: Select the emails you want to send to others in the Gmail Inbox. 

Step 2: Once selected, click on the overflow menu (three dots) from the top menu. 

Step 3: Click on Forward as an attachment option.

If you want to attach emails to a replay email, simply select the short pop out reply click on ‘Replay Email’. This box is on the right side corner. Clicking this will open as a standalone box with which you can drag and drop emails.

As stated in the blog post, emails get converted to .eml files when they are attached. Users are allowed to attach as many emails as they wish. There is currently no limit. Clicking on the attached email will open in a new window. This feature is switched on by default.

According to Google, this feature of Gmail is available to everyone from December 9, 2019. You can check whether this feature is available by clicking on the Overflow (Three Dots) in the top menu and checking the Forward as an attachment option.

There is no need to forward multiple emails on the same topic at once. Gmail allows sending all emails at once.