How to apply for driving license online

How to apply for driving license online: Currently, the country’s Motor Correction Act rules are in place, and the traffic penalty rate list is high. Motorists can look forward to getting their own bikes off the road. But is it possible to keep the bike off the road?

Yes, motorists can ride the bike without any fear of having the necessary documents. Make sure you have a driving license, vehicle RC, vehicle insurance, emission test copy, and a helmet. Make a driving license online for 18 years if you do not have a driving license. Also, read on to find out the necessary documentation for driving license online.

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Learning Driving Order – LLR

A Learning License must be obtained prior to obtaining a driving license. Interested applicants are allowed to apply online to obtain a driving license. Applicants must have completed 18 years and above to obtain a driving license. Only such applicants are eligible.

Age Certificate

Applicants applying for a learning driving order are required to submit an age certificate. An age certificate is required to confirm that the applicant has attained the age of 18 years for obtaining a driving license. Applicants may issue a birth certificate, school registrations or PAN card for age confirmation.

Address proof

Applicants are required to submit their proof of address. For this, you can attach a ration card, passport, life insurance policy, electoral identity card, telephone bill, water bill, or age and address certificate certified before the bailiff or notary.

Application Form-2 (CMVR-2)

Applicants applying for the Learning Driving Ordinance must fill out the Form-2 (CMVR-2) online. Please fill in the required information, including the factors that apply for the license of the vehicle (LMV / Motor Cycle without Gear / Motor Cycle). Then take a print out.

Medical Certificate

Candidates who have completed 40 years of age in applying for a driving license should attach a medical certificate issued by a registered medical officer. (This is for non-freight vehicles). And those who are learning driving licenses for transport vehicles must submit medical certificates regardless of age.

For transport vehicles

Applicants must be 20 years of age or 20 years of age to apply for a learning driving license for Motor Cab, Auto Rickshaw Cab Public Service Vehicles (PSV), Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV), and other specific vehicles, which are said to be Yellow Board vehicles. The year must be over.