How to apply for E pass 2020

Coronavirus lockdown: How to apply for E pass

How to apply for e pass

To curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended nationwide lockdown till May 3. Depending on the graph of coronavirus some restrictions might be lifted after April 20.

The main aim of lockdown is to curb the spread of coronavirus by maintaining social distancing, restriction of movement of people from one place to another.

Since essential services are operating in India, the state government has started an e-pass system. Using the e-pass or movement pass, one can avail these facilities. Under the supervision of police or government, one is eligible to move outside their locality or society by using a pass.

Through e-pass one can use or provide the essential services like medical care, health care, chemists, police and security personnel, media services, electricity and water department, animal fodder and ration shops.

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Here is how you can apply for an e-pass for your state using the movement pass website given below:

Jammu and Kashmir:

How to apply for state-wise movement pass

Step 1: Visit the official website of the respective state, UT or city

Step 2: Select the ‘apply e-pass’ tab

Step 4: Fill the e-pass form with all the required details

Step 5: Upload the supporting documents, if any, and submit your application

Step 6: Once your pass is approved, you will receive the message from the authority

Step 7: Take a print-out of the e-pass and carry it with you while going out

Essential services list for curfew e-pass

Vehicle (Truck, cars, bike for emergency only)









Food Supply


Health worker








Death case


Medical services

Information required to apply for curfew passes

Applicants District






Mobile Number


Govenment ID


Vehicle registration number (RC book)

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