How to Auto Delete YouTube History .. Here’s the simple tips ..!

How to Auto Delete YouTube History: Search engine giant Google continues to make many efforts to keep its users’ information safe. As part of this effort, a new feature has been introduced to users on YouTube. Yes, Google’s new feature allows users to automatically delete their YouTube history.

Google had previously enabled this feature for location history and web and app activities in May. Google is giving its users three options when it comes to storing their YouTube data, following the next steps to use the new feature.

Open Settings 

Open the settings on your smartphone and proceed to Google. Then tap on Google Account Selection.

Go to Data Selection

Tap on Google Account and then click on Data and Optimization option. Tap the YouTube History option there. Then select the management activity there.

Redirect to the Web

It will then redirect to the web page and open up Google’s My Activity page. There, YouTube History is already on. To change this, click on the Choose To Delete Automatically (Delete Automatically) option.

Select Duration

After clicking Delete Automatically, you will get three options. You have the option to manually delete, up to 18 months, and up to three months. Click the option you want. Google also offers the option to delete history at the moment.

How to get on the web?

If the above steps work in the App, you should do this to delete history on the web. First, click this link Then click on the Keeping Activity Until You Delete Manual option. 

In it, tap on the Choose To Delete Automatically option. Then select your preference, click the Next button, and then confirm your preferences are saved.