How to backup and restore using Google One ?

How to backup and restore using Google One : Google recently announced its cloud storage solution, asking users to merge their Google One and Google Drive. Google One is a unified cloud storage platform for all activities starting with Photos Backup, Docs, Sheets and other Google related services.

Google’s new cloud storage utilizes 15GB of free storage space from Google Drive, allowing users to buy more storage space, just like any other online cloud storage service. Furthermore, users can back up their Android smartphone data (multimedia, contacts, messages and other content). Follow the steps below to backup ..


The need

Install the Google One app on your smartphone. In addition, make sure the Internet connection is working for your smartphone. And make sure the storage plan is active on your mobile.


How to backup ..?

First go to the Google Play Store and download the Google One App. Then open Google One App and login using Google ID and password. Then select the storage plan. Then tap on ‘Backup Now’ option in the home section of the app.


Backup Content Selection

After tapping the Backup Now option, the app asks you to select the content you want to backup. Select the content of your choice and click the Next button. Tap the ‘Backup Now’ button again to start the backup process. Then wait until the process is complete.


How to restore?

See the Restore option under the Home section of the application. Tap on the ‘Restore Backup’ option there. Then there, displaying all available backup data, tap the Restore button next to each section to start the restore process. Basic storage is only 15GB, so users need to buy extra storage space to use more storage.

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