How To Block Third Party Apps On Facebook And Google ..

How To Block Third Party Apps On Facebook And Google : In the digital age, Facebook and Google have become integral parts of humanity. Yes, the use of Google and Facebook is on the rise, and there is growing concern about privacy sensitivity. Similarly, you may be aware of the use of multiple third party apps and websites to find quizzes, photos, predictions and people sometimes on Facebook or Google.

We permit access to the account when using a third party app or website. This is a permanent process that allows third party apps to collect our personal information. So, here are some tips on how to remove third party app access from Google and Facebook accounts and share some tips on online security and privacy. Look ahead ..


How about Google? 

If you use your Google Account to sign in to multiple apps and websites, you should check out a list of third party apps that have access to your Google Account as an online security routine. Follow the next steps for that. 

Step 1 On Android smartphones, go to Settings. Then there, navigate to the Google menu.

Step 2 Next, tap “Account Services” and then move to “Apps Connected”. 

Step 3 Here, you can find all the apps connected to your Google Account. These apps may be receiving your data because you have granted permanent access to some or all of your Google Account. Tap Applications that appear suspicious and tap the Disconnect option.

Step 4 If you can’t find the settings on an Android device, open the Chrome browser on the smartphone. Click the link to open your Google Account Permissions page. This method can also be used on your iPhone or computer. Tap the Remote Access option to revoke permission from applications you don’t want.


How To Facebook? 

When it comes to account sign-in on apps and websites, people use a Facebook account more than a Google account. However, in the last few years we have seen many scams and controversies related to Facebook. These are all concerns that pose a big risk to your privacy.

It is alleged that Facebook shares user data with third party companies without user consent. Therefore, if you are using Facebook as your sign-in method, we recommend not using it. Furthermore, if you have already used Facebook to sign in to multiple apps and websites, here’s how you can revoke your permission.

Step 1 Open the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger menu. Then, click on “Settings and Privacy”, then open “Settings”. 

Step 2 Next, under the Security section, tap “Applications and websites” and click on “Log in with Facebook” option.

Step 3 Here, you can find all the apps and websites that use Facebook as a sign-in method. To remove third-party applications, tap on it and scroll down. Finally, tap “Remov” to withdraw the permission granted from your Facebook account.

Step 4 You can completely disable the Facebook sign-in method and terminate all current applications with access to your Facebook account. For that, open “Applications, Websites and Games” under the “Preferences” section. Then, tap the “Turn off” button.

Step 5 And if you don’t use the Facebook app, open this link on your smartphone or computer’s web browser: Then, review and remove the apps.

Some advice ..! Read carefully the permissions granted to a third party application or website. Never allow apps that ask for more than your basic information. If you want the app to access your Google Drive or Gmail, don’t proceed. Sign up manually with an email id instead. And create a strong password, use the password manager for this.

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