How to check the authenticity of Apple products ..? Here are the easy tips ..!

How to check the authenticity of Apple products: Buying Apple products can be tricky. Especially considering the high price tags online, it is important to find out that the purchased product is not fake. Here are easy tips for you to help make sure you are buying the original Apple products.

Check out the MFI

Check out the MFI (Made for iPhone / iPad / iPad) logo on the packaging of Apple’s products you buy. All official Apple product cables have the phrase “Designed by Apple in California”.

Metallic faceplate

The original Apple Connector always comes with a gray or metallic faceplate insert, which means the product is fake if there is a white or black faceplate insert.

Size of the connector

Check the width and length of the connector first. It is 7.7mm x 12mm in size. If the width, length or thickness is changed it can be easily identified as a duplicate product.


USB Type-A interlocks on the USB-connector end are trapezoidal and are equally spaced from the edge of the cable.

Gold plated points

The contact points of real cables are always coated with gold.

Uniform USB Insulator

The dielectric surface for the USB connection is uniform and flat.

Design by Apple 

Apple’s original chargers are printed on a design by Apple and assembled in China.

Print Error

Check for any typos in spelling on the charging adapter. If it’s a typo it’s not the original Apple product. The Laser USB logo features a laser-engraved USB sign on all Apple accessories such as cables, micro-USB adapters, and 30-pin adapters. Curvature Charger The Apple Watch charging dock has no exact curvature on its wireless charging plate.