How to check Your smartphone is Fake? Dummy?

Many people have been wondering how to find a mobile phone forged or fake. In particular, this question worsens people at the time of renewed or second-hand phone purchases. So, how can you identify a fake phone? And there is some information in this article to help you avoid cheating. Look ahead.

Be aware of the features

Before buying any smartphone, it is essential to be aware of the features that are possible. Do some research online. Visit that phone’s official website and check out the specs and features of the specific model phone. Ensure hardware and software configuration. Fake phones are only legitimate in terms of brand, color, and shape but are not identical to the original version in features.

Check the IMEI number

IMEI number is mandatory for all phones. This number is given on or below the mobile phone’s battery. You can also get your mobile’s IMEI number by dialing * # 06 #. The IMEI number of each mobile device differs. Usually, a fake phone does not have a valid IMEI number or uses a fake number.

Once you have the 15-digit IMEI number, you can easily check its legitimacy and other information such as manufacturer and model type.

Check the brand name, logo

Fake mobiles do not use the registered trademark and logo of the world’s top mobile phone brands. Otherwise, they will face a legal case. Therefore, they use the logo to resemble the same logo. It is necessary to check the logo and brand name.

For example 

* Samsung = Sammsung or Samsang or Samsong 

* iPhone = iPone or iPhoon 

* Huawei – Hauwei or Huawai 

* Xiaomi = Xaiomi or Xioami

Difference in design

The difference in design is that the fake phone looks just like the original phone. But, if you look closely, you can spot the difference. There are some differences in the material used, the color, the keyboard, the brand name, and the logo. These fake phones are made of cheap materials and components. They cannot use the original OS. Pirated OS is always used in fake phones.

Fake Battery and Charger

Carefully locate the phone’s battery and charger. You can never use the original phone’s battery and charger for cheap.


Insist on a 12-month warranty, never trust any oral contract. Fake phones offer a shorter warranty period. Because nobody knows when to spoil.