How to delete YouTube search history

How to delete YouTube search history: YouTube, owned by Google, is an excellent video platform where you can get video information on any subject. On YouTube, users watch a wide variety of videos including music, live news, YouTube channels. Similarly, search the videos on YouTube and get the videos they want.

YouTube is full of videos on everything from food, health, news, lifestyle, technician, science, and education. Users view the content they need. But the keyword information that users search on YouTube will remain in the search history. If anyone has seen search history as Achanak.

Search History Deleted on Youtube Users can delete YouTube Search History from above. There is also an incognito mode option but most do not use the incognito mode utility. So it is better to delete the search history. Read more about the steps to delete.

Follow this step in the YouTube App

  • Open the YouTube App and touch the profile image.
  • Then tap on the setting option.
  • Then scroll down and select the History and Privacy section.
  • Tap on the Watch History Clear option.
  • Press the Clear Search History option.

Follow this step on the web

  • Open YouTube Web (
  • In the menu on the left, select History.
  • Click on the Watch History Clear option.
  • Select the Search History option on the left.
  • Press the Clear All Search History option.