How to file a complaint with the Cyber ​​Crime section online

How to file a complaint with the Cyber ​​Crime section online

Currently, banking transactions, including food ordering, online shopping, and bill payment are done online. It is true that online business activities have been simplified, but there have been a growing number of instances of cyber fraudsters who have invested in them and have lured them into fraud. Customers who cheat are often less likely to complain.

Yes, be careful when doing online business. Cyber ​​fraudsters spy on a network of payment app, food orders,  bank calls, fraudulent calls, e-mails, and SMS. Customers / Users can lodge a complaint with the Cyber ​​Police Department if there are any online fraud cases.

Customers can file a complaint with the cyber police department online. Read on to find out how to file a complaint with the cyber police department online.

  • Open cyber section official website online.
  • Open the website and press the ‘File a deal’ option.
  • Then accept the term and condition that appears.
  • Then select Report Other Cybercrime option. 
  • Then press the Citizen Log In option. And fill in the key information that appears there. 
  • Then enter OTP. And submit the mathematical captcha answer and submit.

Then a farm model will appear. This form consists of four parts. Check and submit incident information, suspect details, and complaint details.


Incident Information Footage: On this page fill in the event information, the event catalog, the time, date of the event, the reason for the complaint to be delayed, and where the incident took place.

Social Site Information: Sometimes the applicant has to provide account information for the social sites. Information such as a fraudulent website and URL is required. Complete information: Complete information includes information about the suspect. (Name, Address, E-mail ID,)

The applicant then needs to fill out his e-mail id, photography, and other necessary information. In the end, press the Confirm and Submit option. There is also the opportunity to obtain the submitted application in PDF.