How To Get Free 4K SmartTV With Geo Fiber

How To Get Free 4K SmartTV With Geo Fiber : Reliance Jio, owned by Mukesh Ambani, has revealed the full details of its Geo Fiber and the long-awaited welcome offer. 699 per month for a minimum of Rs. 8,499 starting. The company has released a total of six geo fiber packs, and is gearing up for more customers with its Geo Wellcome offer and free 4K TV.

The Geo Welcome Offer is an annual broadband scheme called “Geo Forever”. This Geo Wellcome offer is also available for all geo fiber plans from Rs 699 to Rs 8,499. Under this offer, all plans come with double data benefit, annual subscription to OTT applications, and two months of additional service. That is, two months free.

For example, if you have an entry level 699.Rs Geo Fiber Annual Plan, you will need to pay Rs 8,398 for this plan and it will give you a total of 2400GB or 2.4TB of data. However, you get a Geo Wellcome offer, which gives the company a two-month extra service worth Rs 1,398 for free. Customers also get a free Muse 2- 6W Bluetooth speaker worth Rs 2,999.

This is how you can get a 4K TV with a high-fiber annual plan. Above the Geo Fiber Diamond Scheme and Platinum Annual Plan subscribers get a free TV (different screen size for each project). Gold Plan Subscribers Rs 12,990 Only 24-inch HD TVs are priced. But, we need to get together a two year plan to get this TV. I mean, you have to pay Rs 31,000 for this. Must pay.!

If you want to get a 108 inch HD TV with fiber for free, you need to get the Geo Fiber Annual Plan Titanium Plan. With a price tag of Rs 8,499 per month, the project has to pay an annual sum of Rs 101,988. If you pay this much and get plans, you will get Rs 44,990. Get free of cost and get 60 thousand GB of data a year at a 1 Gbps speed.

Jio is offering free TVs for any annual project over Geo Fiber Gold. However, the company did not specify what brand of TV Geo will offer. Even if you want to get at least a 24-inch HD TV, you can get it for Rs 31,000. Pay Geo Fiber needs to be recharged. In a way, it looks like an untreated bamboo stick. This will benefit the brand band users all year round.