How to get Railway Pass in UTS App?

How to get Railway Pass in UTS App? : Season tickets are available to save you money if you travel frequently on the local Indian Railways. For example, the local train price from Andheri to the Churchgate at Mumbai is Rs 10 per second class, Rs 105 for first-class, while the monthly pass fare for the route is 215 rupees and 650 rupees respectively.

This pass allows you to travel anytime on this route. If you take 11 trips in second class or 3 trip first-class season tickets will save you money. But this does not mean that you only need to login to IR CTC for the season ticket.

First, you have to wait for the season ticket at the railway station counter. But there is no need to do so now, the UTS App, developed by the Railway Information Division (CRIS) of the Indian Railways, allows you to do this easily.

You can display the ticket through the UTS App and do not need to carry a copy of the season ticket. This has made the system even easier and there are no reasons for not buying a season ticket online.

You can also book a paper season ticket at UTS Op. It has to be printed at the railway station’s kiosk. We advise against using this method.

The trend of printing in a kiosk-like is outdated. So what to do if buying a ticket through the UTS App. See here for step-by-step information.

How to Book a Paperless Season Ticket at UTS App?

The following steps should be followed for paperless ticket booking in the UTS App. 

  1. Open UTS App on Android or iPhone. 
  2. If you have not logged in before, click the Login button on the top right of Android. In iPhone, this button will appear as a rectangular rightward arrow.
  3. Enter your credentials and tap the Book Ticket to login. 
  4. Tap the season ticket. 
  5. Select the Book & Travel (Paperless) option.
  6. Tap Issue Ticket. On iPhone, this option is labeled Ticket Issue. If you want to renew your ticket simply click Renew Ticket on Android or Ticket Renew iPhone. Enter the UTS number entered on the old season ticket. 
  7. Under Form, select the station from which you want to book. Under To Station, select your destination. 
  8. Tap Done.
  9. You have many options on the next screen. It also includes the season ticket. You can buy a season ticket for one year. The first-class or second class, AC or non-AC trains, and general identification information must also be entered. When it’s all done, select the payment gateway and enter your address, which will take you to your new page.
  10. Write your full address here 
  11. Tap Done. 
  12. Tap Get Fare and select Payment Gateway. 
  13. Check all the details once and tap the Book Ticket when you are ready. 
  14. Read “undertaking from season ticket holder” and tap Accept.
  15. If you select the R-wallet, it redirects you to the R-wallet. If you choose Payment Gateway, choose which payment gateway to use. Tap on Make Payment. You can now complete the payment. 
  16. Once completed you can see the ticket in the Op. Just re-accessing the Show Booked Ticket is enough to tap the home screen of Android’s UTS App. Try something once and see.