how to Hide the likes of your Facebook post!

how to Hide the likes of your Facebook post! : World’s most famous social network Facebook is experimenting with new. Likewise, Facebook is posting that your friend may not be able to find out who has liked the post you post.

Yes, the number of likes, comments, and likes is now visible only to those who have posted before. Practically it was first launched in Australia.

Facebook has created a system that will hide the information like friends, enabled in timeline and news feeds. Facebook has not yet decided whether it will be limited or implemented everywhere.

Facebook says that the purpose of your post is to focus on what you have shared rather than what your friends see.

A Facebook spokeswoman said Facebook’s new trial will see what changes the user experience makes. It doesn’t matter who is posting. You can see how much you like and who you like. However, the Facebook company has reported on its latest update that friends and followers can only view comments.

Feedback is collected to understand whether this change improves the user experience. Less Like on Facebook There is also a boring, depressing category. The Hyde hide option may be useful.

Facebook first tested this method on its proprietary photo site Instagram. This effort can then be continued on Facebook as well as hide the likes of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

Facebook says that the experiment on Instagram removes the pressure of how much a post gets on Instagram, and is excited about the initial test results.