How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat: Earlier this year, WhatsApp introduced a new security feature to its chat app. Face ID and passcode allow users to protect their WhatsApp chats from being viewed by others. But until now, this feature was only available to iPhone users.

But both Android and iPhone users have the option to hide their chats by another method. That’s the archive chat option. Yes, you can hide your chat screen with this feature and you will have the opportunity to view those chats after a while.

This feature allows you to archive both group and individual chats. Remember that archive chat does not delete your chat or even back up your SD card. 

So how are you thinking about using this feature? We are giving you step-by-step information.

How To Archive Chat On Android

1. Open WhatsApp 

2. On the chat screen, tap and hold the chat you want to hide. 

3. In the upper bar, select the Archive icon. 

Now the chat is archived and you can’t see it on your chat screen. On the Android smartphone, you can find all the archived chats at the bottom of the chat screen.

How to archive chat on iPhone

1. Open the WhatsApp 

2. Slide your finger from right to left in the chat you want to archive on the chat screen. 

3. Tap Archive. 

Scroll to the top to view archive chat on the iPhone and then pull to the bottom.

If you want to change your mind after a while and archive the chat, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to un-archive chat on Android? 

1. Scroll down the chat screen. 

2. Tap Archived Chats. 

3. Tap and hold a chat that you want to archive. 

4. Select the archive in the top bar.

How to un-archive chat on iPhone 

1. Slide your finger in the chat from right to left on the archived chat screen. 

2. Tap on an archive.