Best recipe how to make marwadi hogana dough in 202

how to make marwadi hogana dough

Hogana is made from a variety of flour. Wheat flour, maize flour, millet flour, mashed flour and 6-7 grains of mix flour (chapati made from mix flour is more nutritious). Maize, millet, jowar flour are barkhara (it has less lace).

Chapati cannot be easily made from the dough with these grains of flour, chapati is made by applying water with hand by making these grains flour, softening them, making dough.

Crispy chapattis made by hand are very tasty, this kind of chapati is a bit heavy to digest.More practice will have to be made to make these chapattis. If a little flour of wheat is mixed in these cereal flour, then delicious chapati can be made easily by rolling it with a rolling pin.

Should we use flour after filtering or without filtering?

Some people believe that flour should be used without filtering so that fiber and fiber can be used in food. Some people believe that flour should be used only after filtering. You can make your own according to the purity of available flour. You can use packet flour without filtering, while it is better to use flour filtered from the mill.

 how to make marwadi hogana dough 


Flour – 250 grams (2 cups)
Water – 1 cup
Salt – 1/2 teaspoon
Oil – 1-2 tsp
Sieve the flour in a deep plate or a big bowl. Add salt and oil to the flour.

With one hand (left hand), knead the dough with right hand while pouring water. Do not put too much water in the flour at once, if the flour is mixed well, then by turning the dough into puffs, repeatedly lift the dough with the right hand (do not make the dough too hard and too thin).

Once the dough becomes uniform, apply it to the poultry, if necessary, sprinkle some 2-3 spoonfuls of water over it, leave it covered for 20-25 minutes.After 20 minutes, collect the dough and collect it again and again with a punch, collect it and make it smooth and soft.

The dough can be handled by lubricating it with a little oil in your hand. The upper portion of the dough should be smooth and kneaded till it gets stretched.If the dough becomes smooth when kneaded well then it does not stick too much in the hands while making the roti and it can be rolled by applying less parathan (dry flour) while rolling.

When the dough becomes smooth and soft, keep it aside on a plate. Dough for making chapati is ready.

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