How to make money from youtube channel

How to make money from youtube channel: YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, with 1.9 billion monthly active users worldwide. YouTube records over 1 billion hours of video streaming per day, and undoubtedly these large numbers are a factor in many things. These are commonly called ‘weaves’ and these weaves give you real-world money.

Are you even thinking of making money ..? Or if you want to create a YouTube channel to show your creativity to the world, the following steps are best for you. Kickstart your video creation journey by launching a YouTube channel. This article will advise you on that.

Easy structure

You need to create a channel to start your YouTube journey. While channel creation is the easiest part on YouTube, content monetarization, subscriber base, and revenue generation is another part.

Formation Steps

  1. Your channel creates your public presence on the YouTube platform. Even if you already have a Google account, you need to create a channel for uploading videos to create a subscriber base. Sign in to YouTube first.
  2. Then try to upload a video or create a playlist.
  3. You will then be prompted to create a YouTube channel.
  4. Afterward. Check and confirm details like your Google Account name and photo.
  5. Confirm the structure of your YouTube channel.

Consider these things in channel structure

  1. There are many factors that make your channel popular on YouTube. A catchy, short name that should be easily remembered by YouTube users.
  2. You need to create a Unique Thumbnail for your channel. Make sure the thumbnail you create matches the video you upload to your channel.
  3. Good Video Editing Software Video editing is good. This can create great videos.

Video creation and upload steps

  1. If you want to enlarge YouTube, you must first upload the video regularly. The high-quality videos must be uploaded to maintain a good subscriber base.
  2. Video should be unique and high quality.
  3. Shoot videos from a high-quality camera and give them some time to edit content before uploading. You can also shoot live videos on YouTube, which is a great tool for establishing two-way communication with your subscribers. However, be very careful about video quality and genre when making a live video.
  4. Make your headline attractive, but not misleading. Videos must be accompanied by a description of your subject’s primary keywords. This is because it increases the visibility of videos in YouTube Search.
  5. Keywords play an important role in running a YouTube channel. Good keywords related to the content you upload improve visibility on the Internet. You can add keywords in the ‘Advanced’ section of YouTube Channel settings.
  6. Keep your thumbnails, descriptions, titles, keywords, and metadata in line with advertiser-friendly guidelines.

Content Moneytizing

If you have 4,000 hours of public viewing time and 1,000 subscribers in the last 12 months, you can apply for the YouTube Partner Program, which gives you access to YouTube’s resources and features. You can apply your YouTube Partner Plan in the following steps.

  • Click on your Account icon, select Creator Studio.
  • Then, select the channel, status, and other features.
  • Under “Monetization”, click Enable.
  • Then, follow the on-screen steps.

AdSense account

Google notes that channels that meet company policies and guidelines will be accepted into the program. After Google receives your YPP application, you will need an AdSense account to make money from the video. According to Google’s guidelines, you can link as many channels as you want to one AdSense account.