How to make passwords safer ? New feature from Google ..!

How to make passwords safer: Earlier this year, Google introduced a new extension for the Google Chrome browser. With this extension, users can identify if their account has been compromised, prompting the user to change the account password. Google has introduced new features to increase product security, including password protection in proprietary services.

Google has added a password verification feature to your Google Account, which scans all saved passwords and recommends necessary actions. Chrome Sync is active, make sure this feature is working and the internet connection is working. Then follow these steps.

Open Google Account

Open the link in your browser. Not signed in to Google Account means signing in to Google Account.

Navigate to the Security Section

After signing into the Google Account, navigate to the Security section, then scroll down and select the “Signing in to Other Sites” option at the bottom.

Password manager selection

Then select the password manager, then click the Get Started button on the next page to enable this service. Here Google shows you all your saved passwords.

Check your password

Then click the Password Verify link, which gives you the option to redirect passwords to another page and check passwords. Click it. Then you will need to enter the password again for verification.

Password analysis

After password verification, Google will analyze your Saved passwords and enhance the passwords in three ways. They are classified as adjustable, recyclable, and vulnerable. Also, the CheckUp Tool shows Google accounts that are similar to your password.

Change the password

Click the arrow button, which will present the password change accounts. Change password if needed.