How to mute music in a web browser ?

How to mute music in a web browser : You may also be embarrassed when your browser automatically starts playing music from any webpage. That’s why most modern browsers allow users to mute each tab individually. When you are already listening or watching something on your device, suddenly something is playing background music.So, if you’re annoyed with the background music of such a web page, you can mute them separately. Look at how many web browsers can mute it.


Google Chrome

Audio Playback in the Google Chrome browser indicates the audio playback through the speaker icon. To mute it, right click on the tab and select the Mute option from the popup menu. Alternatively, you can click the speaker icon directly to mute it.


Apple Safari

To mute a tab in the Safari browser, look for the speaker icon in the address bar of the tab on which the sound is playing. Click on it to toggle the sound on / off.


Mozella Firefox

Like Google Chrome, users have to right-click on the tab with the speaker icon and select the mute option.


Microsoft Edge

 Microsoft Edge also shows the speaker icon on the tab when playing music. But, it is not interactive. To mute any music in the Edge Browser, you need to manually mute the speaker icon and click on the speaker icon from the Windows taskbar.

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