Do you know how to save WhatsApp status easily?

How to save WhatsApp status: WhatsApp, now known as the most popular message app, has already introduced many new services for its users. WhatsApp status option among them has created a new trend among users. WhatsApp Status can be viewed by those in the contact list and they can also save their preferred status. But most people do not know how to serve WhatsApp status. Instead, the status/message is sent to those who have posted the video/photo.

Yes, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp Status feature has attracted a lot of users, and the company has recently introduced the option to share Status directly to Facebook. Users can save WhatsApp status on their smartphone with a time limit of only 24 hours. Both Android and iOS users have status saving options. So let us learn how to save WhatsApp status videos.

Phone File Manager

Follow these steps to save WhatsApp Status on the Android OS platform. WhatsApp status only has a 24-hour deadline. After that go into automatic delete. Statuses are stored in the smartphone file manager when the status is running. You can save the file manager as needed. Follow this step for that.

  • Open File Manager App 
  • Install Files by Google App from Google Play Store, if there is no File Manager App. 
  • Enable the Show Hidden Files option in the settings of the File Manager App. 
  • Then in the File Manager app, open Internal Storage and click WhatsApp. 
  • Select Status in WhatsApp. Status can be saved from here.

Status Saver App Usage

WhatsApp status can be saved by using third-party apps. There are lots of apps available on Google Play for that. WhatsApp Status Video and Photos can be saved using Status Saver App. But advertisements are more frequent in these third-party apps.

Screenshot or screen record

You can use the screenshot or screen record option to save WhatsApp. Most people follow this option to save WhatsApp status. But the best of the above is the best.

Follow this step on iPhone

There is a file manager on the iPhone, but WhatsApp status does not support save. Thus users can use screenshot or screen record tools to save WhatsApp status on iPhone.