How To Shut Down Caller Tune In Geo Number

How To Shut Down Caller Tune In Geo Number: Jio is offering a free caller tune service for its customers. However, most people do not want to use any song as a caller tune or change the song. If you are one of those who want to disable or change the caller tune from your Geo number, proceed with the following methods. You need to have an active geo number and my geo op for the caller tune inactive or change.

Method 1: SMS 

  • Open the Message app on your smartphone. 
  • Type a stop in the message and send it to 56789. 
  • Reply to 1 to confirm the deactivation. 
  • After this, the Geo Tunes service will be discontinued. Users receive a confirmed SMS about the inactive.

Method 2: My Geo App 

  • Open My Geo App. 
  • Click on the ‘Geo Tunes’ option on the menu. 
  • Go to ‘My Subscriber Page’ and tap the ‘Disable Geo Tune’ option at the bottom. 
  • Tap ‘Yes’ on the confirmation page

Method 3: Use IVR 

  • Open Call Dialer App on your smartphone 
  • Call Geo to 155223 
  • Select preferred language by pressing 1 for English and 2 for the back. 
  • Now, IVR will ask for all active value-added services in your Geo number 
  • select the Geo Tune option to disable.


If you wish to reactivate the Geo Tune service, follow the options below.

  • Make sure the geo number is selected as the primary number in My Geo App. 
  • Then, tap the Three Dot menu in the left corner. 
  • Then click on the Geo Tune option on the menu.
  • Continue to the ‘Songs’ tab and find the song you want to match to the song you wanted. 
  • Tap the JioTune Set option to enable or change the tune of your choosing.