How to turn smartphone into a CCTV camera

How to turn smartphone into a CCTV camera : If you have some old Android smartphone dust in your home, you can better use it instead of selling it. The smartphones that have come in the last couple of years are high quality camera, memory capacity and battery life. So, instead of selling a potential old Android smartphone, you can turn it into your home CC’s camera.

Android App

Yes, Android smartphone is better than CCTV camera. And you can keep it confidential anywhere in your home. But, to do all this you need an app that can turn an old Android phone into a security camera. There are many apps in the Play Store for this purpose.

However, everything fails to deliver the desired result. However, the Alfred Camera App, supported by Google Play Protect, can turn any old smartphone into a security camera in just a few minutes.

You can see the live feed

You can even watch a live feed on another mobile using these Android apps. It can be viewed directly not only on mobile but also on your computer.

What are the requirements ..?

– Your home must have a Wi-Fi connection or at least 4G connection to your old phone.

– Make sure there is a power bank or power source nearby.

– It is best to use a separate Google Account for this purpose. Using your main Google account is more likely to result in a privacy leak.

– Use a fully factory reset old Android smartphone.

Alfred Camera APP

Download the Alfred Camera App on your old Android phone. Then you need to select the old Android phone as the camera. Here you will need to sign in with your Google Account. Better use a new Google account to sign in. Now your home is going live.

Feed view on another phone

Download the Alfred Camera App on another phone to watch the live feed. Then login with the same Google account. Click on the Weaver option. This will then show you the live feed. If you want to see a live feed on your computer also open the browser and open the “” website, sign in with the same Google account. Note, however, that live feed can only be viewed on any one device.