How To Use Dark Mode On Smartphone ?

How To Use Dark Mode On Smartphone : In The Smartphone Sector Last Year -1919, There Were Many Significant Updates And New Features Phones Were Introduced. There Are Also Many New Features Added To Both The Android And Ios Operating Systems. The Dark Mode Feature Has Attracted Customers. But Many Users Have No Clarity On Why And How To Use Dark Mode.

Yes, Google Has Introduced The New Android 10 Os And Apple Ios 13. The Dark Mode Feature Has Received A Lot Of Attention In This Latest Os Update, With Some Essential Advantages. Read On To Learn More About How To Use And Need This New Dark Mode Feature, Now Newly Added To Android And Ios Smartphones.


Dark Mode Benefits 

The New Dark Mode Feature, Which Includes Android 10 Os And Ios 13, Offers Users Two Main Advantages. A Smartphone Will Help Save Battery Life. What Is Another Use As Well As Choice Of Dark Mode, Help Prevent Eye Fatigue Caused.


Dark Mode Apps 

Introduces Dark Mode Feature Recently, Gmail Also Provided Users With Dark Mode. Whatsapp Will Also Introduce A Dark Theme Feature.


Follow These Steps On Android 10 Os Phones

Follow These Steps To Use The Dark Mode Feature On Android 10 Os Supported Smartphones. 

* Open The Setting App On The Smartphone.

* Then Scroll Down And Press Display Option. 

* Enable The Dark Mode Option In The Display Setting.


Follow These Steps On Ios 13 Iphones 

Follow These Steps To Use This Dark Mode Feature On Ios 13 Os Supported Iphones.

* Open The Setting App On Iphone

* Then Scroll Down, Press Display And Brightness Option.

* Then Run The Dark Mode Option.

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