How to use the Safety feature on Google Maps ?

How to use the Safety feature on Google Maps: It is common for every smartphone user to go to a Google Map where they don’t know. Such a popular Google map always helps users a lot by getting new features. 

The new features will enable smartphone users to easily find and reach a destination. There are only a few features on Google Maps that attract us most.

Yes, you may know that a new feature called Stay Safer is available in Google Maps App. This is a great feature, Google has introduced this new feature for the safety of passengers when traveling in a taxi, auto, or any other public vehicle. 

This feature can be used for you or your own safety and is available only on the Google Maps app which is updated on Android smartphones.

This Stay Safer is easy to use and will guide you on how to go when you open Google Maps and enter where you want to go. Below that is the Stay safer button on the right side of the Start option. 

As soon as you click on it, two options will appear under Stay Safer. You can share your route with your friends or acquaintances by clicking on the Share live trip option there.

As soon as you click on Get off-route alerts, a window called Tracking your trip will open, where you will see the route map. There is also a Stop button. 

Here you will see the distance and time you need to move. If your vehicle is 500 m away from the road you are on, your phone will receive an alert message. This will alert you on the way.

This is a special security feature Google has brought to Google Map users in India. Google is especially targeting users traveling in autorickshaws and taxis. 

Similarly, Google Smart Address Search also provides support for voice recognition, as well as voice navigation support, although the exact address is not available to the user.