If you are blocked by others whatsapp…Can you still message them? Yes you can!

If you are blocked by others WhatsApp: WhatsApp is the most famous messaging app in the world today. It is used for more than just regular text messaging, the app can share multimedia, video and audio, stickers, and documents such as Word, PDF, and so on. In addition, this app also helps to display pictures, DP, and status.

It is possible to block annoying contacts in such a popular op. Thus blocked contacts cannot communicate. If someone blocks you, you don’t know about it. WhatsApp does not give them notification of such actions. Some of the indications will allow you to know whether you block or not.

If you are blocked by others, you can’t see the Last Scene (they can’t even see your status). The blocked person’s DP cannot be seen. The blocked person cannot call and the person cannot call you. Also, the message sent to that person will only appear from a single gray checkmark. Two checkmarks tell you what message has been reached and what they have read.

There are two steps to unlock yourself at this time. Create a group using a different number on WhatsApp and add the person who blocked you to that group or ask them to build a new group near your friend. Add or block the person who blocked you here. This way you can send a message to the group and your blocked person can view these messages.

If the above method does not work you can unblock yourself by restoring WhatsApp. Go to WhatsApp. Click Settings and open the Account option. Delete my account. Restart your phone. Re-install WhatsApp from Google Play Store. Then enter your mobile number, OTP entry, and follow the procedures.

Do not restore your WhatsApp backups only after this. Now your number will be unblocked. Now you can send a message to your blocked person. But remember, when you delete and reinstall your WhatsApp account, you will be able to chat on WhatsApp from the beginning. But the only disadvantage is that you are removing from WhatsApp groups.