It’s hard to find lost mobile phones ..! Do you know why?

The Government Has Started A Central Registry For The Detection And Detection Of Stolen And Lost Mobile Phones. However, This Registry Has Limited Impact And Many Devices Can Easily Be Shipped Abroad, Handset Experts Said. The Government Intends To Restrict The Imei Number Of Stolen And Lost Mobile Phones Through The Registry. The Sim Card Issued By Any Indian Telecom Operator Does Not Work On Imei Number Restricted Phones.


The Simple IMEI Change 

Is One Of The Major Limitations Of The Central Government’s New Mechanism, Which Can Easily Replace The International Mobile Equipment Identity (Imei) Specific To Each Device, Experts Said. Imei Can Also Be Replaced In The Event Of A Broken Or Inadequate Mobile Phone Repair.


If PCBA Changes 

If You Change The Device’s PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) Instead Of Imei, Imei Also Changes Automatically. But Most Users Go To Local Stores Where They Can Get Cheaper Rates For Repairs, Said Research Analyst Faisal Kawusa. When The User Calls, The Phone Number Record And Imei Of The Calling Handset Are Created, Which Helps To Track The Usage Of The Device.While The Mobile Number Can Be Changed Using A Different Sim Card, Imei Can Only Be Changed By A Technician Using Special Devices.


Punishable Offense

According To The Guilty Crime Kawusa, Technological Flashing Devices Are Damaged By Fake Imei In An Updated Or Secondhand Phone Transaction. Some Hardware Is Changed So As Not To Get Caught. Except For Authorized Handset Manufacturers, Ruining The 15-Digit Imei Is A Punishable Offense That Can Carry A Jail Term Of Up To Three Years.



The Central Equipment Information Registry Was Inaugurated By Union Communication Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The Center Was Designed By The Center For Development Of Telematics (C-Dot), Which Blocks The Registry Device’s Imei Number If A User Lodges A Complaint On An Online Portal. However, Experts Have Suggested That The Stolen Devices Could Be Shipped Abroad And Used On A Foreign Network.


Tough Iphone

Hard Iphone Each Apple’s Iphone Has A Unique Serial Number, Which Is Hard To Change. “If You Don’t Know The 4-Digit Or 6-Digit Passcode, You Can’t Do Anything Other Than Switch The Sim. Now, If You Just Change The Sim, You Get Caught. An Analyst Has Said That You Can Unlock Android Phones And Wipe Out The Software Completely.”

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