Location sharing via SMS – Do you know how to share?

Location sharing via SMS – Do you know how to share? : There are some situations where hay means that there is no internet connection available but the necessity to share your location with your friends or family. If the internet was available, it could certainly be shared via WhatsApp.

But how to share now? There is an internet connection that allows you to share your location in several ways. Google Maps also allows for this. But when there is only one network available and no internet connection, how do I share the location details with others?

As you know, the SMS facility now allows multiple types of multimedia content sharing as well as location sharing via the now familiar RSS (Rich Communication Service). Now, this SMS facility allows users to share locations without internet access.

For many days, there has been concern about the possibility of sharing location via SMS on Android smartphones. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can share the location with your friends or family through SMS. Follow the steps below to share the location.

1.If you have not yet downloaded the Android Messages App through the Google Play Store. 

2. Continue the app and have all the necessary permissions. Don’t forget to set the Smart Phone as the default SMS App. 

3. Tap the Start Chat button. 

4. Enter the phone number manually or select from the contact list. 

5. Now tap on the ‘+ icon in the chat window.

6. Scroll Down Search for the Maps option and tap it. 

7. On the previous screen, tap on ‘Send This Location’ link to your chosen contact via SMS. 

This way you can share your location with others via SMS even when the internet is not available.