Power Electronics notes by Arun Kumar

Power Electronics Notes by Arunkumar G M.tech Lecturer in ECE Dept. (STJIT) Ranebennur




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Power electronics

Knowledge related to the transformation and control of electric power using solid-state electronics is called power electronics. 

Analog Signals

Analog Signals are regular electrical signals that change over time, this change follows Non-Electric Signal In the conversation over telephone, our voice is sent from one place to another through Analog Signal. Sine Wave is also a good example of analog signal.

Examples of analog signals are Human Voice, Music, Video etc. The main drawback of the analog signal is that high quality transmission is not possible and the chances of mistakes are high.

Advantage Of Analog Signal In Hindi

1.Analog Signal has no fixed limit.

2.Analog Signal transmits data in the form of a waveform.

3.Our mobile is connected to the analog signal itself.

4.Due to the analog signal, it was possible to transmit information through electromagnetic waves to the entire earth and outside the earth (satellite).