Recharge Tata Sky at WhatsApp!

Recharge Tata Sky at WhatsApp! : DTH operator Tata Sky offers plenty of services to its users. Now, Tata Sky’s WhatsApp Business Program, coupled with Tata Sky’s WhatsApp Business Program, is now offering a fast service to subscribers through the Platform.

Recently, Tata Sky has added a new service option that allows you to do balance checks, refresh packs, and add and remove channels. Here’s an explanation of how to do this in WhatsApp.

How to Activate Tata Sky in WhatsApp

To contact the DTH Operator through WhatsApp, you will need to call 9229692296 from the registered mobile number to activate the WhatsApp service. +91 18002086633 This number also comes with a welcome message. Save this number in your phone contact.

How to do balance checks, packs details, emergency top-up requests?

To check the account balance simply type “balance” and send the message. The current balance, next recharge date, and monthly recharge amount will all be available with your subscription ID in just a few seconds.

If you need to check your pack details, type “PACK” and click on WhatsApp message. You will get a short URL. It gives a description of all the channels you subscribe to and their price.

Some people forget to recharge at the right time and therefore cut service. If you are in a similar situation, you can request an emergency top-up. In this, you will be credited with some amount to your account.

Once you refill or fill out the account, the amount of the loaned emergency top-up is debited. To do this you have to type “top-up” and send the message

How to add/remove channels, refresh channel packs?

When you choose a channel pack there may be some separate channels that are not part of the subscription. In this case, you will be able to add these channels by simply sending a text message. The channel number will be available to you on the TV screen. (Check Screen Shot)

The above screenshot has Jeep Prime Channel number 155 and its price is Rs 1 per month. To add this channel just type “Add 155” and message. If the channel is not visible, type “refresh” and send the message. This will refresh all your channel packs.

If you want to drop the same channel or remove it from your pack, type “Drop 155” and send the message. The channel will be removed from your pack in just a few minutes.

Tata Sky users are also welcome to launch WhatsApp.