Follow these security steps before..if you loose your Smartphone

Follow these security steps before..if you lose your Smartphone: The current digital age has made all things easier. With a smartphone in hand, most of the work can be done immediately. Users store their required information on the smartphone itself. If the phone is lost, it can be misused. That’s why smartphone care is so important.

Yes, smartphones are an essential tool for everyone today and it is imperative to provide smartphone security. Keeping a password for the phone is not a security. Instead, security measures need to be followed at several levels, including essential apps, online browsing, data protection, and Bluetooth. So let’s take a look at all the security steps of smartphones.

Use the screen lock

When smartphones need to be turned on, there is usually the option of basic screen-based security. Users can change it. Most recent phones have a fingerprint option to set it up or set a pattern lock or pin lock. The smartphone is like it’s the basic protection

Protect data

Entry pin locks and password locks are helpful for smartphones, but they still require separate security to protect the data. The necessary data in a smartphone can be plugged into a computer or stored on a microSD card or a Pendrive device. Or you can use cloud storage.

Focus on Bluetooth

Use wireless services such as Bluetooth, Share It, and Apps to track data on smartphones. Keep Bluetooth off when not in use. Sometimes your phone can connect to others without your knowledge. It is advisable to check your phone’s network security settings for that.

Apps download security

When downloading apps from the Google Play Store, it is not advisable to download apps that aren’t Google certified. Some apps are insecure malware apps that can leak your private data. Watch Ratings and Reviews when downloading.

Internet browsing

Be careful when browsing on smartphones. Caution is required, especially on online shopping sites. Check the legitimacy of websites when doing business online. See the URL of those sites. And when making a payment, don’t give up bank information, PIN, and don’t lose money.

SIM card lock

The screen lock on the phone is used by everyone. But using the SIM card lock is less. Locking the SIM can prevent someone from removing the SIM from the phone and using it on another phone. The SIM card lock can be done in the form of a PIN number. But be careful to use this option.