Terms of Service

The website is an online source of latest News, updates and health related information. The sole purpose of our website is to give our readers the best information about News, health and beauty in the language of simple and colloquial language. In our articles, we will include both traditional and state-of-the-art health related best practices, which will give you maximum benefit.

The importance of our website will be three parts –  

  1. Health – In this we will talk about health related suggestions and Preventive Health Care Measures.
  2. Beauty – In this section we will talk about home remedies related to makeup tips, latest fashion, use of cosmetics, skin and hair care.
  3. Fitness – In this section we will tell about various yoga postures and exercises.
  4. Latest updates – We provide you with latest updates around the world.

We do not claim to cure any kind of disease on our website. Nor do we tell the treatment of any such Ayurvedic or any other medical practice in which practically it is mandatory to look at the patient. We just give you some home remedies and Ayurvedic remedies which do not have any side effects.